My top five scientific magazines

If you want to become knowledgeable about a variety of scientific topics, then, your source of reading material is vital. Here is the top five, of what I consider the world’s most respected scientific magazines.Discover (recommended for ‘deep’ research)This magazine has been around since I was a kid, so it is over 30. It is a terrific place to study topics such as medicine, physics and mathematics at a very deep level and has something for every type of young scientific mind.National Geographic (Iconic publication)This publication is for young and old alike, and even though it has a remit focused firmly on the natural science genre, once you pick one up, it is very difficult to put it down. I recommend buying the glossy magazine and leave it lying around your home for the kids to browse through.Scientific American (an award winner 2011)This is a very switched on and up-to-date read that focuses on important scientific discoveries. If you are only interested in what is happening in today’s world, then this is the journal for you. The online version has a ‘Blog’ tab which means that you can view what other people think about the important topics you have just read about.The Smithsonian (not only for scientific issues)This is my all time favourite read, because it has an approach that is wider ranging than just scientific subjects. It takes the reader into other areas, such as the arts, culture and literature. If you want to look at in depth scientific research, then this is the publication you should not miss.Popular ScienceĀ (promotes the ‘joy’ of science)This magazine was first published in 1872 and dedicated to spreading the joy of science to everyone. It deals with technology, gadgets, cars, DIY and lots more and is perfect for ‘Geeks’ the world over.