How to harness the sun in your own home

The sun provides many benefits in our body. Through exposure to the sun our bodies absorb Vitamin D, melatonin and serotonin. Vitamin D maintains bone health, protects against diabetes, heart disease, colon, breast and prostate cancer. Melatonin influences our sleep cycles, therefore regulating inflammation and improving our immune system. Serotonin influence mood changes which then determines our energy levels. Sometimes our busy schedules do not give us time to bask under the sun. However, sitting under the sun could lead to some negative side effects e.g. sunburn, eye diseases and skin cancer.Through the Parans’ system you can enjoy sunlight at the comfort of your home. The system provides a safe way to redirect sunlight to every single room in your home. SP4 a natural sunlight collector, is set up on the roof of the house. It’s in four different sizes to choose from depending on the number of rooms it will serve. The system follows the sun during the day and leads it into the house through fibre optic cables. It then spreads the light to all rooms in the house. You can do the lighting from different angles. There is the point light where you can power your home though light bulbs, ceiling light whereby the light will illuminate from the wall above the room or wall light which illuminates from the sides.The sunlight is safe because the system filters the IR and UV radiation and only transports the visible part of the sunlight. This ensures high quality sunlight which will not harm people in the house nor fade the interior. This ensures all rooms are well lit thus getting rid of harmful organisms and bacteria that can grow in the dark rooms of the house as sunlight is a natural disinfectant.Are you heliophile? If the answer is yes, you are probably smiling at the idea of directing more sunshine into your house and packing in the benefits that come with it. It might not be the case if you lean on the side of “creatures of the night”, or just avoid the sun to escape the harshness of UVR and UVA. Luckily, you can still eat your cake and have it. In this case, avoid direct sunshine and get to enjoy the good part of sunshine by installing the Paran’s system. From good health to saving money on lighting, and disinfecting your house, sunshine in the house presents more benefits than you can imagine. If you spend most of your days at the office – away from home, consider installing the system there as well. You will save money, conserve energy, and create a better working environment for yourself and your staff.